147 Algoma Street South
Monday - Saturday: 8am - 7pm | Sunday: 9am - 6pm
based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Phone:(807) 345-7442

The Scan Restaurant
This restaurant is a mainstay in Thunder Bay and adds a rich history to the Bay and Algoma business district within Thunder Bay. Famous for their breakfast fare, great soups, and homemade treats, "the Scandi" is a regular stopover for tourists and locals alike.

The Scan Menu
Breakfast Served All Day!
1. Bacon, ham or sausages with 2 eggs, homefries and toast
2. Scandia Breakfast: 2 eggs with bacon, ham and sausages, homfries and toast
3. The Big Viking: 3 Finnish pancakes, 2 eggs, your choice of bacon ham or sausage, toast or homefries --- or have both toast and homefries!
4. The Lumberjack: 2 Finnish pancakes, 2 eggs, your choice of bacon or sausages, toast or homefries --- half order available
5. Morning Burger: ham, egg and cheese on a toasted english muffin with homefries
6. 2 eggs with homefries and toast
Click below for more options

* Plain Omelette
* Cheese Omelette
* Ham Omelette
* Ham and Cheese Omelette
* Denver Omelette (ham and onions)
* Vegetarian Omelette (peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and cheese)
* Western Omelette (bacon, ham, peppers, tomatoes and onions)
* Spanish Omelette (ham, peppers, tomatoes, onions and cheese)
* Scandia Omelette (3 eggs, ham, peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and cheese)
* Finnish pancakes
* Finnish pancakes with bacon, ham, or sausage
* Finnish pancakes (3) with 2 eggs
* Finnish pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream
* French toast - half order available
* French toast with bacon, ham, or sausages
* Hamburger platter
* Cheeseburger platter
* Scandia platter(bacon & cheese)
* Hot beef, turkey or pork sandwich platter (half order available)
* Hot hamburger nip
* Chicken fingers and fries
* Clubhouse sandwich with fries, soup, or a caesar salad
* Chicken burger
* Deep fried cod with fries, home fries or mashed potatoes
* MOJAKKA --- served with bread and butter, dessert and beverage
* Soup of the day --- with toast or bread and butter
* Caesar salad --- add with grilled chicken breast
* Chef's salad --- fresh garden greens with chopped tomato, ham, turkey, cheese and egg
* Daily small meal special --- check with your server for details
* Denver
* Western
* Grilled cheese
* Grilled cheese and bacon
* Roast beef
* Real turkey
* Pork
* Ham
* Ham and cheese
* Bacon, ham, or sausages
* 1 Finn pancake
* 1 Egg
* Cold cereals
* Porridge
* Oat Bran
* Toast
* Small and large homefries (gravy on the side available)
* Small and large poutine
* Onion rings

The Scandinavian Home Society Board of Directors 2015/2016

The Scandinavian Home Society is a Not-for-profit society.

By-Law No. 1 of the Scandinavian Home Society states:
"The Society's purpose shall be to act as a centre for those who support, appreciate, and wish to preserve Scandinavian culture." Any person 18 years of age or older who subscribes to the purpose of the Society shall be considered eligible for membership in accordance with this paragraph.

To become a member, one must make application in written form to the Society. These forms are available at the Scandinavian Home Society Restaurant.

There are numerous ways in which you can contribute your time and effort as an active member of the Society. We have several committees that would greatly appreciate your time and effort. If you are interested in becoming a member, or serving on any of our committees, please contact us and indicate which committee(s) that you are interested in assisting.

At present, we have the following committees:

*Property Management*
We would also appreciate your help with our Teas, Socials, and other fundraising activities.

There is always an interest on serving on our Executive Committee from people in the community. If you think you have an interest in helping us in this capacity, please note this on the application form and a member of the Executive Committee will contact you. All suggestions are appreciated. Let us know your ideas.
About Us
A Little History...

The history of the Scandinavian Home Society dates back to 1923 when a group of 5 men, under the leadership of Oscar Johnson, the first local vice-counsel, decided to form a society as a support group for immigrants who spoke the Scandinavian language. In just over a month, with very little money, this group had rented premises at 218 Bay St. for a meeting room and activity centre, organized a library and increased the membership to 58 including 3 women. This organization would be called FORENINGEN SCANDINAVISKA HEMMET, in translation meaning SCANDINAVIAN HOME SOCIETY reflecting its purpose - a place where on could gather, socialize, read newspapers and books in their own language, and share their stories - a place akin to "home".

In 1924, a cafe was opened on January 27th at 121 Secord St. For the first 6 months the cafe was operated privately. As this satisfied neither the proprietor nor the Society, the membership decided on August 3rd to take over managing the cafe themselves - the situation which has existed continuously to the present time. The cafe remained at the Secord St. location for almost 2 years until a maintenance problem and rent increase forced them to move to 222 Bay St. just before Christmas.

The Society began looking for a permanent home in the spring of 1926 and purchased the property at 147 Algoma St. S. Construction of that building began almost immediately. It included a cafe and kitchen on the main floor, a large meeting room, library and office on the second floor and washrooms in the basement. In 1928, the Society had sufficient funds to brick the facade. In 1930, the last major change was made with an addition on the back wall, transforming the cafe into a restaurant.
Restaurant Hours
Monday - Saturday: 8am - 7pm
Sunday: 9am - 6pm